What Seminar Should I Take?

Basic 2-Day Seminar: 

Foundational SWR principles taught using K-2 words provides excellent training for teachers of all ages and grades. 

In Texas, it covers Steps 1-27 for a solid foundation. 

     Alumni of Basic Seminars are special guests.

Intermediate 1-Day Seminar: 

Emphasis on upper grades and rules. 

This class works through SWR Steps 28-40, and covers Vowel/Consonant, Multi-Letter Phonograms, & Silent Final E pages at an advanced level. 

     Prerequisite: Beginning seminar OR pre-approval by the trainer dependent on SWR experience level.

WISE Guide 1-Day Seminar, Practice & Plan: 

Putting it all together!

This class leads you through the WISE Guide, 

teaches weekly lesson plans at several levels, 

with strong practice in dictation.

Basic 3-Day Seminar: 

Foundational SWR principles taught using K-2 words provides the solid foundation for all SWR teachers. 

 In Texas, it covers Steps 1-27, with modeled dictation and Lesson Plans in the Wise Guide (A-M). 

 Alumni of Beginning Seminars are special guests.

CPE hours for Texas Certified Teachers!

What to Expect:

Parents 1-Day Seminar: 

Designed for parents of Classical and University-Model 

 School students 

Explaining the hows and whys of the SWR method to 

 enable them to actively help their kids with SWR


 Teaching and practicing the Phonograms

 Teaching and using the Spelling Rules

 Using Dictation to solidify the student’s


CPE hours available for Texas Certified Teachers!

Texas Two-Step Spelling

Providing Spell to Write and Read endorsed 

 training for Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma

The Basic class entails 2 full 8-hour, or 4 four-hour days of training—bring whatever you need to make yourself comfortable for learning: a pillow, favorite beverage or bottled water, sweater for cold air conditioning, etc.

Pre-registration: We appreciate mail registrations so that we can properly plan to serve you. If you need to register at the door, please contact trainer to confirm space availability.

Lunch: Light refreshments are available. Bring your lunch or go with a group to a local restaurant. Some locations, such as San Antonio, offer group lunch orders (cash) each morning for deli delivery.

Children: Nursing babies are welcome! Older students may attend with mom or dad to take the class at the special guest rate, or at no cost to care for the infant for mom. However, no childcare is provided.

Schedule: Registration 8:45 a.m. Class 9:00-6:00 both days. Lunch 12:30-1:30 on your own.

Handouts: Participants receive a blank Teacher’s Learning Log, regular & red pencil, and a handouts booklet.

Supplies Needed: Spell to Write and Read (SWR)(red cover) &  WISE Guide for Spelling  (owls). Study of the phonograms before the seminar is encouraged, along with Steps 1-12 in  SWR . Materials are sold on-site or you may order from the trainers in advance. To assure adequate supply, please specify items you hope to purchase.